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Collecting Mushrooms
Collecting Mushrooms, Hostel Alexandros - Nestorio Kastoria

Collecting Mushrooms, Hostel Alexandros – Nestorio Kastoria 

Rich is our Greek forests polymorphs and curiosities mushrooms! Mushrooms are neither the plant nor the animal kingdom, but are fungi that form a numerous group of organisms! Indeed, after the insects, coming second in a row, as numerous species of our planet!

Nestorio is a beautiful picturesque village located 22 km southwest of Kastoria. It has many natural beauties and offers guests the opportunity to know unique natural beauty and fun to party till dawn on the river Aliakmonas!

Mushrooms provide few calories, zero fat and plenty of water. It is rich in B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, copper, zinc, folic acid, protein, fiber and other. Indeed, recent scientific studies indicate that have anticancer properties (especially for breast cancer) and promote the strengthening of our immune system.

During your walking trips through Grammos, it is very likely to come across mushrooms in the category of edible. In this case, the wild mushrooms considered treasure as addition of aroma and flavor, free from hormones and pesticides. Let’s look at some of them!


For lovers of nature, forests of fir, pine, oak, cedar , countless valleys, wild rock formations and steep slopes alternating harmoniously with valleys and meadows, wooded hills, streams and torrents … constitute a unique natural setting in the border area of Nestorius. Explore!

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In our guesthouse there is a certified mountain guide Tom Ntaoutis who is responsible for all of the outdoor activities