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Grammos mountain – Nestorio Kastoria

ορειβασία νεστόριοGrammos, the most “proud” at the top of 2520 meters, is the fourth largest in the highest mountain in Greece. Located a few kilometers from the city of Kastoria and “joining” the prefecture of Kastoria to Ioannina as well as western Macedonia to Epirus and Greece to neighboring Albania.

From the slopes of the rivers originate Aliakmon and Sarantaporos. Steep canyons, mixed forest, subalpine lakes, lush vegetation and rare species of the animal kingdom (brown bear, deer, wild boar, wolf, otter, chamois, woodpecker, golden eagle, vulture, raptors and other wildlife) constitute the greatness of the mountain which is among the most beautiful parts of Europe.


Every summer thousands of young people from all over Greece eager to visit Nestorio to participate in the River Party.

ξενώνας Αλέξανδρος Νεστόριο

On the outskirts, surrounded by green areas, running water and a rare natural wealth, formed a landscape of unique beauty – an ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable experience in magnificent nature. Following the recent returns of the rich flora and fauna and rare types of ecosystems hosts Grammos ranks among the most important refuges for birds and bears and part of the Natura 2000 network of the European Union.

Grammos also has the alpine lakes Gkistova and Male -in altitude of 2,400 and 2,192 meters respectively.
Νεστόριο Καστοριά

For lovers of nature, forests of fir, pine, oak, cedar , countless valleys, wild rock formations and steep slopes alternating harmoniously with valleys and meadows, wooded hills, streams and torrents … constitute a unique natural setting in the border area of Nestorius. Explore!

Unique monuments of nature waiting to be discovered!

The International Trails E6, crossing the line, it is ideal for hiking in dense woods and near the banks of rivers. In the region there is a whole network of trails – among them several stone linking settlements – which have marked and will help to explore.
ξενώνας Καστοριά

Castle, a natural citadel of Nestorius east at an altitude above 1,000 meters. From antiquity to modern times has played an important role in protecting the region from attacks. It is an extensive archaeological site awaits excavation. The view from here is breathtaking.
The Red Rock Pegasus, at the entrance of Nestorius. According to legend, the color came from the blood of the winged horse that fell there from Zeus blinded. Another tradition claims that the cave at the base was once the lair of a huge snake that protected area.
Death of Kotili, the famous and impressive crag of 130 meters near the village. Owes its name to the deadly fighting that took place here during the Civil War.
For lovers of alternative tourism Nestorio is the most appropriate destination. To indulge in some peace and quiet rafting, kayaking, hiking in on climbing in mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking and environmental routes jeep ….
This spectacular gorge of Aliakmonas with vertical cliffs, the beautiful vegetation and breathtaking water maze.
Cataract in the Archangels Monastery of Tsoukas near St Anne and the nearby enchanting valley of “Close”.
The top Alevitsa a natural observatory. If the atmosphere is clear you will see from there Smolikas and Olympus.
Also you can navigate to areas near the banks of Aliakmonas and admire the rare natural beauty of the river or fish.

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In our guesthouse there is a certified mountain guide Tom Ntaoutis who is responsible for all of the outdoor activities