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Grammos Jeep tours
Grammos Jeep tours

Grammos Jeep tours

περιήγηση με jeep

The first route is marked with a blue line on the map and runs through the center of the county. Passing by the old and the new Kotyli, we see the impressive and historic Rock of Death and reach the meadows of Kotyli.

The guesthouse Alexandros located on the southwest exit of Nestorio, overlooking the Aliakmonas River and is very near the River Party held every year and attracts thousands of people.

Following the Sarantaporos course we pass through the pine trees and Chrysis villages. For the jeep trail ends at Arenes – at an altitude of 1700m. and Moutsalia lake, one of the most of the most beautiful landscapes of the region. Lake swim all three kinds Tritons who live in our country.

The second route is marked with a red line on the map and runs throughout the northern part of the mountain cluster – from east to west, unlike the Aliakmonas course. For the Jeep trail ends just before Drakolimni where from there on foot you can reach the highest peak of Grammos, Tsuka Petsit at an altitude of 2520m. and breathtaking views. Return is from the southern forest roads through Pefkos.

Grammos is the fourth highest mountain in Greece after Olympus, Smolikas and Vora, with its highest peak reaching 2,520 meters in altitude.

 The jeep pick you from the hostel Alexandros and return you back to the hostel. The tour takes 4-5 hours for both paths.

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In our guesthouse there is a certified mountain guide Tom Ntaoutis who is responsible for all of the outdoor activities