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Legents of Nestorio
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Legents, mysterious and strange stories of Nestorio surrounding area at Kastoria
παραδοσεις Νεστοριο Καστορια
Legents of Nestorio

At Nestorios entrance is the Rock Pegasus. The rock was painted red from the blood of the winged horse, when tyflomeno Jupiter, hit there.

Few know exactly where are the sources of the mortal and the immortal water where Alexander the Great was confused and drank from the wrong source.

Few can identify the Aliartis Gap where the golden crown of Mycenaemid kept.

The large stone triangle marks the starting point on the road leading to the treasure of Ampentin.

The hole in the rock Vertenik allegedly created to escape the daughter chased by Ali Pasha.

In Grammousta much blood spilled for the sake of tseligkopoulas Xian of Hadjigeorgiou requested for the harem of the tyrant of Ioannina.

In Tsioukapetsit (peak 2520m. Grammos mountain) even heard arguments for Petsit and strange snake-transformation after losing a a bet.

Some even avoid going through the haunted Livadia not to hear the lamentations of the victims to tragic Korditsa, burned alive in a barn, 1912. However, there are still some old men who remember to light a candle in the small shrine remaining in Monopylo. Where once stood the great church of Osia Matrona with the relics of St. Alexiou. His many miracles made up and changed their religion even to Muslims.

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