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Nestorio and natural environment
Natural environment of Nestorio area at Kastoria
φυσικο περιβαλλον νεστοριο
Nestorio and natural environment

Grammos is the third highest mountain in Greece. In Grammos are the sources of Aliakmonas and Sarantaporos. Grammos is one of the most important areas for nature in Greece and include:

  1. the important areas for birds in Greece,
  2. the network of European Union Natura 2000,
  3. in the most important areas for the bear.
  • The most important elements of the natural environment are:Extensive mature natural forests. Mixed forests are almost unaffected, as were non-operating for many decades after the civil war because of fear of landmines. Flambouro is an area of ​​13,000 acres has never harvested, and has been designated a natural monument and is included in the network «biogenetic reserves» of the Council of Europe.
  • The extensive alpine area with endemic and rare flora species and important habitats.
  • Subalpine lakes such as Lake Arenas Grammos at 2350 meters (the lake is higher than any other in Greece).
  • The Drakolimni Arenas, the gorge of Aliakmonas and Pine landscapes are three recognized landscapes of the country of great natural beauty as formulated in 1999 by the Ministry.
  • The virgin forest “Barouga” is proclaimed monument by presidential decree 1985.
  • The relative large for Greek standards bear population. It is estimated that in the region of Grammos and the Grammos-Voio valley, live about 15 bears. One tenth that of the Greek population. Grammos is to bear the unique connection zone type spread in Pindos and the rest of the rest of the Balkans.
  • The rocky cliffs are home to chamois, European eland, is seriously threatened. Grammos with 40-45 people there is 10% of our country’s population.
  • The variety of bird species. Most important are the birds of prey such as the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, the Egyptian vulture and the key species such as woodpeckers.
  • The presence of all three tritons species (amphibians like the salamander living permanently in water) and presence of two species of reptiles in the southern spread in Europe, it is the sand lizard and alpine viper (much smaller species viper, harmless to human) Grammos living in the subtropical zone while in northern Europe in the plains.
  • Also we should mention the high aesthetic value of the landscape (mixed forests, canyons, rocky slopes, rivers), historical and cultural interest and remarkable monuments.
  • The mountain is very attractive for visitors to travelogue and mountaineering interest for those involved in rafting and kayaking, as well as for guests who want to experience a representative mountain ecosystem.

Following the publication of a special environmental study prepared by Arcturus, for the region of Grammos, the Ministry proposed the declaration of the area as a national park, according to the law on the environment.

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