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Nestorio Sightseeings
Nestorio Kastoria - Sightseeings
Αξιοθεατα Νεστοριο Καστορια
Nestorio Sightseeings

Just after the hostel extend the facilities of River Party. Nearby is the “Cloister Anthony” built in spilaioma, a vertical cliff as Meteora. Beyond this there is the “Aetovrachos”, a rocky ripple in eagle beak shape. In very good condition kept the post-Byzantine church of San Zaccaria and the church Giannochori – unique in the Balkans, with two loft that make it look like opera.

Over Nestorio  rises the “castle” with curious little cave that once blocked by a gate. At the root of the found remains of Roman villas. Inside the Nestorio is the church of the Archangels with wonderful art wooden screen. In the nearby village of St. Anna, it is the ancient convent of the Archangels (1225 AD) with the impressive waterfall and the hill with the castles of ancient Vattynas. Nearby lies the magnificent valley of the “Straits”.

In Monopylo clearly distinguish the strata millions of years ago lifted the line from the depths of the sea. The time a clear day, from the top Alevitsa with Roman cobblestones can be seen Smolikas and Olympus mountains.

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